Factory Tour

First of all, what catches the eye is the gate of the factory, which was established in 1998 and covers an area of 22,600 square meters. We have been operating for more than 20 years. We are a large-scale private enterprise integrating research, development and production, production lines includes mineral fiber ceiling board, calcium silicate board and cement board. And we also supply thermal insulation products, such as glass wool products, mineral wool products, etc. Our factory is clean and tidy, with modern production machines, all production links are operated by machines, and the product quality is relatively stable. Our products are very popular at home and abroad. In the quality control link, we also have a special person responsible for it.

Since our companies established, we confirmed our management philosophy, good quality can let company survive, people-oriented mind can develop companies stronger and stronger. We carry out the whole side quality control and management system to supervies and test. After the customer's goods are produced, we will temporarily put them in the warehouse and wait for the customer to transport them away. In the warehouse, there is no need to worry about the goods being damaged or being exposed to rain. Under normal circumstances, these problems will not occur. Before the goods are loading into container or before domestic shipping, we will check them carefully to ensure that the goods are in good condition.

Calcium silicate ceiling boards