1. Originally, calcium silicate and glass wool were two different products. As the actual construction process became more and more convenient, the product of perforated calcium silicate composite glass wool came into being. So what does the combination of these two products do? One is convenient installation, saving labor time and cost, and the other is better sound absorption and moisture resistance.



2. Perforated calcium silicate composite glass wool board is mainly used in computer rooms, workshops and other places that need moisture-proof and sound-absorbing. Like the computer room, the noise is very loud, and the places that need sound insulation and noise reduction are often particularly prone to moisture. General sound-absorbing products like mineral fiber ceiling board cannot be used in such places. Calcium silicate boards are a very good choice. It can also play an anti-sag effect in a humid environment. Then, the environment like the computer room also needs thermal insulation, so the glass wool on the calcium silicate board has reached the standard of thermal insulation. In addition, calcium silicate and glass wool are both very good fireproof materials, which can reach Class A non-combustibility and meet construction standards.



3. The thickness of the general silicate board is not very thick, and the weight is within the acceptable range. It is very convenient to install. Whether it is a small ceiling of 600×600 or a large board of 1200×2400, the installation can be completed by using the corresponding keel. The thickness of the calcium silicate board should be selected according to the construction requirements, and the corresponding thickness of the keel can be determined according to the thickness of the board. Calcium silicate can not only conform to glass wool, but also can be compounded with rock wool, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

perforated calcium silicate composite glass wool

Post time: Jun-30-2022