The mineral wool board will be embossed into different patterns during production, which is convenient for use in different places. The common surface of the mineral wool board has caterpillar holes, large and small holes, high-density pinholes, sand blasting and film treatment. We also can make more artistic shapes on the surface, such as surface strip groove board, checkerboard, corrugated board, etc. The sound-absorbing board does not contain harmful substances to the human body, and its microporous structure can absorb harmful gases in the air and release water molecules, so it can purify the air and adjust the indoor air humidity.


The strong reflective ability of mineral wool can effectively improve indoor light, maintain eyesight and eliminate fatigue. High reflectivity can indirectly reduce the cost of power consumption, up to 18% 25% mineral wool excellent thermal insulation, insulation performance can maximize the reduction of cooling and heating costs, up to 30% 45% cost cost. The main raw material of the mineral wool sound-absorbing board is ultra-fine mineral wool fiber, with a density between 200 – 300Kg/m3, so it has rich through micropores, which can effectively absorb sound waves and reduce sound wave reflection, thereby improving indoor sound quality and reducing noise.


In order to install mineral wool board, different methods should be done on the corners of the board to match the suspended ceiling system. Therefore, the edges could be square edge, tegular edge, beveled edge, concealed edge or shiplap edge.


The thickness can also be 14mm to 20mm according to different needs. Commonly specifications are 595x595mm, 600×600mm, 603x603mm, 605x605mm, 625x625mm, 595x1195mm, 600×1200mm, 603x1212mm,etc.


During the construction of the mineral wool board, the room should be closed to prevent the entry of humid air so that cause the mineral wool board sinking;

During the installation process, workers should wear clean gloves to keep the board surface clean.


Mineral wool board has excellent performances such as sound absorption, non-combustibility, heat insulation, good decoration, etc. It is widely used in various architectural ceilings and wall-mounted interior decoration; such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, shopping malls, office spaces, studios, studios, computer rooms and industrial buildings. 




Post time: Jul-13-2020