Ceiling t grid is our common ceiling bracket for installing mineral fiber ceiling board, which plays the role of supporting the ceiling. Now in order to achieve more decorative effects, there are also various kinds of ceiling grid, which are colorful and complement the ceiling.

The ceiling grid is mainly used to support the ceiling, and its quality plays a very important role. If its quality is not good, the keel will deform or even collapse after the ceiling is installed, so the quality of the ceiling grid is very important. So how to distinguish the quality of the ceiling t grid?

1. We mainly look at whether its strength is hard enough. The ceiling t grid is made of galvanized steel strip as raw material, then the thickness of the galvanized steel strip determines the strength of the ceiling grid, the thicker the galvanized steel strip, the stronger the strength of the ceiling grid, on the contrary, the thinner the galvanized steel strip , the strength of the ceiling grid is weaker. Generally speaking, the thickness of the ceiling grid is different to match different ceilings. Some ceilings are very heavy, such as calcium silicate ceilings, which require a thick enough and strong enough ceiling frame to support, and some ceilings are very light, like mineral fiber ceiling board, the lacquered keel of general thickness can be used for support.

2. Another point to see is the place where the ceiling grid is connected, that is, the place where a single keel is connected to a single keel. Some iron sheets are very thin and soft, so the overall installation and fixation effect is not good, so we must make sure the iron pieces are very strong, so that they will be more stable when they are connected as a whole frame.

ceiling t grid

Post time: May-30-2022