Speaking of shipping, the sea freight has remained high level in the past two years due to the new crown epidemic and other factors. The import and export of some markets have been greatly affected, and the import and export costs have been rising. So now, the freight rates of some sailing routes are also slowly falling, but the freight rates of some sailing routes have remained high, which still affects the import and export of some markets.


However, most customers seem to be accustomed to the rising ocean freight rate. Due to market demand, orders are gradually recovering. At present, due to port congestion in some countries and slow customs clearance, a large number of containers cannot be turned around. In addition, some shipping companies have reduced the number of shipping vessels, which makes it even more difficult to book space, and the inventory is seriously depleted.


However, with the effective control of the epidemic and the gradual recovery of the market, we still have to have confidence in imports and exports. Let’s believe that the epidemic will eventually pass, and that a good life can still continue.


Our company mainly exports building materials, such as mineral fiber ceiling board, ceiling grids and related accessories, calcium silicate ceiling and wall board, cement board, glass wool and rock wool products. These products can be well used in architectural decoration. Different products have different functions, which can be said to be one-stop shopping. Our company has been operating for more than 20 years, with stable customers and good reputation. Welcome new and old customers to contact and purchase.


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Post time: Jul-07-2022