First of all, mineral wool is a very good thermal insulation material, which is often used for thermal insulation in buildings and industries. The raw material of mineral wool is made of high-quality slag wool by spinning through a centrifuge and then adding a binder. It is a good thermal insulation product and is very popular at home and abroad.


Generally speaking, mineral wool products can be made into mineral wool felt, mineral wool board and mineral wool pipe according to different uses. Generally, mineral wool felt and mineral wool board are used more in the application process. mineral wool pipes are mainly used for thermal insulation of steel pipes.

                             mineralwool blanket                            Rock Wool Panel

So what is the difference between mineral wool felt and mineral wool board? Generally speaking, mineral wool board is rectangular, mainly used for thermal insulation of external walls, internal walls and curtain walls. mineral wool board can also be made of color steel sandwich panels with color steel plates, which can be used for the insulation of steel structure roofs.Mineral wool board can also be compounded with cement and calcium silicate board to make rock wool integrated board for thermal insulation of exterior walls. Mineral wool board has a variety of uses, the application is more flexible, and it is used more in construction.


As for mineral wool felt, because its length is generally 3 to 5 meters, it is generally in the form of a coil, which is mainly used for thermal insulation of roofs, or some large-diameter pipes can also be insulated with mineral wool felt. The mineral wool felt can be sewed with barbed wire on the surface to play a fixed role, which is more convenient during installation.The mineral wool felt can also be pasted with aluminum foil, which has a better fireproof and moisture-proof effect.

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